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Take a Tour Around Historic Downtown Ridgefield

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

An easy stroll around The Olde Library Inn can also be an enriching self guided tour. Grab your morning coffee and follow along a self guided tour to discover the oldest buildings and historic sites in town. Kicking off in front of the Ridgefield Hardware store the total tour wraps around 1.15 miles ending about a third of a mile from The Olde Library Inn.

Follow the Tour Online

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  1. Ridgefield Hardware, Post Office and first Ridgefield State Bank, 104 N Main Ave Now Ridgefield Hardware & Gift

  2. Travel East on Pioneer to 220 Pioneer, Delicious Dishes Catering

  3. Continue East on Pioneer to 230 Pioneer, Ridgefield City Hall

  4. Turn North on 3rd Ave to El Rancho Viejo, Mexican Restaurant

  5. Cross 3rd Ave and return to Pioneer, Ridgefield School District Maintenance Building

  6. Travel North again on Pioneer to 320 Pioneer, Zebrun’s Starliner

  7. In the same direction head to 328 Pioneer, Ridgefield Floral & Gifts

  8. Continue to the corner brick church at 418 Pioneer, now an office/retail building

  9. Cross to 5th Ave 1 block turn west on Sargent to 202 S 4th, Now private residence

  10. Turn west on Shobert Street

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