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Local Wine Tours & Tastings

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Did you know that the Washington wine industry started right here in Clark County?

We think it is great to be the start of a tasty thing & even better it was at the Historic Fort Vancouver. You could really spend a whole weekend... or a few visiting our local scene.

Check out our guide to plan your adventures

Why Travel Far? Ridgefield's Local Scene

We love that without going too far there are more than enough vineyards to sip great wine and enjoy the beautiful settings. Relax and take it all in ... click here to get started.

Downtown Vancouver & Waterfront Tasting Rooms

For those who love to try a wide variety there is a great selection of wines from all over Washington in Downtown. Just a short drive from The Olde Library Inn to a line up of tasting rooms within a walkable distance from one another ... click here to discover where to begin.

Scenic Drives & Historic Farm Vineyards

Looking to take in our beautiful country and enjoy some great wine? We suggest you head toward north county. Some of our favorite wines come from historic farms with great stories to share ... click here for the Heritage Wine Trail suggestions.

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